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Put a little jolly in your
It's a Countdown to Christmas! Each day in
December, we’ll be stitching a little pocket
for a Christmas Advent Calendar... it’s a
great way to sneak in some daily fun over the
hectic holidays. Keep up, and you’ll have a
show stopper of an advent calendar for years
to come... or use them as blocks for a sweet
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resold in any manner.
Download designs 1 through 5 at checkout, then
receive installments of 20 more designs in your
e-mail each remaining Friday in December.
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Week Three
of our FREE
You will need a fat quarter each of a red and green solid color fabric-- odd
numbered pockets will stitch on red, even numbers on green. Or just dive
into your stash and mix different reds and greens for a scrappy look. All
designs fit a 4x4 and are easy to stitch out.
Be sure to add photos of your finished pockets to Facebook, Instagram, and
yahoo group. Use hashtag #sfocountdown to share and comment-- it's half
the fun!
Let the sewing begin!
Christmas Countdown Week 2   Designs 6-10
Christmas Countdown Week 1   Designs 1-5
Christmas Countdown Week 3   Designs 11-15