A  r  t     Q  u  a  l  i  t  y      D  e  s  i  g  n  s     f  o  r     t  h  e     S  e  r  i  o  u  s     H  o  m  e     M  a  c  h  i  n  e     E  m  b  r  o  i  d  e  r  e  r
Welcome to our creepy,
crawly countdown!
Each day in October, we’ll be stitching
a little pocket for a Halloween Advent
Calendar from one to thirty-one... at this
busy time of year, we can  promise you it
will be a haunting experience!
Sign up for the subscription price of $19.99, and each Friday in
October, we’ll be releasing your pockets to stitch for the following
week-- on the final week, we’ll also include finishing instructions.
Keep up and look for some fun giveaways, plus  extra free
Halloween designs as we go along. At the end of the month, you’ll
have the cutest ever Halloween Advent calendar ready to bring out
year after year!
All contents of this website are ©Copyright 2007 by sanfranciscostitchco.com. All designs are ©copyright
San Francisco Stitch Co. and are protected by U.S. copyright laws. Designs may not be copied, altered or
resold in any manner.
Download designs 1 through 7 at checkout, then receive installments of
31 total designs in your e-mail each remaining Friday in October.

Halloween Advent Calendar Subscription $24.99
Intro Price $19.99
Halloween Table Topper Stitch-a-long...
Or join us for a four 4x4 designs over the course of October-- we're
stitching a wicked nice placemat for under our candy bowls on the big
night! Each week a new design will be FREE, past weeks are $0.99.

Click the photo to download Design Four- It's Free!
Lab Jars $0.99
Scary Hands $0.99
Print out the template below,
then visit the blog to the right
to  learn how to finish this
Table Topper Tutorial
Mad Jack $0.99
Happy Halloween!