It's our Lovely Letters Stitch-a-long!...

Beat the winter blahs with this fun little weekly project. We'll be
spelling the word L-O-V-E over the next four weeks in a FREE
first week)
3-1/2" charm size, or upgrade to our lavishly illustrated
large l
etters . You'll have a beautiful, FINISHED project to keep or
to gift. Click the box, below right, for more information!
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Lovely Letters
Click photo above for
FREE Charm Size!
The large Lovely "L" and Ornamental "O" above for purchase
re provided in 5," 6," 7," and 8" sizes and will make a gorgeous
wall hanging or table runner when complete. As a single, t
perfect for a friend named Lisa or Olivia, or have the entire
project completed in time for Mother's Day! Your project photos
and comments on our Facebook project page are welcome!
Click to order the Lovely "L' in
5" 6" 7" and 8" sizes

Click to order the Lovely
"L' in 3
-1/2" charm size
Click to order the Ornamental "O' in 5"
6" 7" and 8" sizes
on intro price
W  E  E  K     O  N  E  
W  E  E  K     T  W  O