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Welcome to our
Christmas 2019 Stitch-a-long!
If you love all the dear things that Christmas brings, this stitch-a-long is
for you. For the next few weeks, we will be creating a beautiful Baltimore
Album style mini-quilt-- a great step-by-step project. Christmas is over,
but this lovely, vintage look stitch-a-long will cheer us all through
winter... and you'll have a gorgeous, heirloom piece ready well in time
for Christmas 2019!
Block One-- Rocking Horse
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One "Rocking Horse" 4x4
Block Two-- City Sidewalks
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"City Sidewalks" 4x4
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Horse" Charm
We'll be posting twelve blocks in all, one each week or so... download
and stitch the charm size for free, or upgrade to the beautifully detailed
4" x 4" version. Stitch and then watch for Block 9-- we'll be posting not
on a schedule, but as the inspiration strikes, so be sure to sign up for our
mailing list, left, so you don't miss a stitch... missed charm blocks will be
priced at $1.49, and the 4x4 price will increase to $2.99 as each new one

Thanks for making us a part of your stitching this year, and don't forget
to post photos on our social media outlets to make friends and see how
others are coming along! #mychristmasalbum
Block Three-- Tannenbaum
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order "City
Charm 2x2
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"Tannenbaum" 4x4
Block Four-- Sleigh Bells Ring
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"Sleigh Bells Ring" 4x4
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order "Tannebaum"
Charm 2x2
Block Five-- A Christmas Carol
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"A Christmas Carol" 4x4
Block Six-- The Tiny Reindeer
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"Tiny Reindeer" 4x4
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Bells" Charm
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Charm 2x2
Block Seven-- Dove
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"Dove" 4x4
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order "Tiny
Charm 2x2
FREE Ballet
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Charm 2x2
Block Eight-- Corps de Ballet
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"Corps de Ballet" 4x4