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Welcome to San Francisco Stitch Co.'s very first Quilt Block-of the-Month series!
Although we're best known for our embroidery, this is our first ever ALL quilting
project-- no machine embroidery required! And these blocks are made with just
rectangles and squares-- so easy to do.

We'll have blocks and project ideas to fill the tiniest cottage right on up to a
billionaire's beach bungalow... join us for the entire series at a discounted price, or
just nibble month to month. Choose from a sampler, row-by-row, or medallion quilt,
or just join us for a different single project each month.

For most of us, a Summerhouse with weeks and weeks of vacation is just a dream,
but we hope you'll see with just a little effort each month, a beautiful keepsake quilt
or just a nicely decorated home is within your grasp. Welcome!
Click to order Summerhouse Block-of-the-Month #2
(includes "Summer Sun" and "Beach Rose" Block Instructions plus Pillow
Project to download as a PDF file at checkout)
Click to order the entire Summerhouse BOM series...
(includes the first two months of instructions available to download at
checkout, plus ten more months of projects and block instructions as a
PDF file in your e-mail the first week of each remaining month in 2017)
Three quilts, twelve great projects--
in our first-ever Quilt Block-of-the-Month.
(Click on photos to enlarge)
Click to order Summerhouse Block-of-the-Month #1
(includes "Flipped Flop" Block Instructions plus 31" x 21" Bath Math Project
to download as a PDF file at checkout)
January: Flipped Flops Bath Mat
February: Beach Rose & Summer Sun Pillow
"Sea & Shore" quilt by Tere D'Amato
"Seaside Sunset" quilt by Elaine Dwyer
"Seaside Sampler" quilt by San Francisco Stitch Co.