Three French Hens!
...sit proudly under the Eiffel Tower with their national colors
flying... buy our quick-to-stitch charm below for only $1.49 or
upgrade to our gorgeous, fully detailed, 4x4 version shown below
for $2.99.
We are committed to: Highest Quality, Original Designs, Excellent Prices & Great Customer Service.
Click to order Three French Hens $2.99
Stitch as regular embroidery with or without the border, or use
as an applique with the border... we are stitching ours in the
center of 12" x 12" Christmas star blocks. Your download
includes the design in most popular formats and a color chart for
your own project inspiration.
Three French Hens Charm $1.49
French Hen Charm
This 2x2 charm size is so easy and
fun to stitch...  join us for all
Twelve Days and you'll have an
adorable, miniature quilt to
decorate your home for years to
come. Color chart included.