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Block Five: "Jewel of the Sky"
When you hear his hum, you’ll still have to look sharp
to catch this tiny jewel as he darts among the trumpet flowers on a

Choose from the "Quilt-as-you-Go" block to make our big heirloom
quilt, "in-the-hoop" block to make fully finished blocks suitable for
other uses, or buy the Hummingbird only for your own project
Make a gorgeous block completely quilted in-the-hoop each month...
save up your creations for the end of the year, when we'll add border
pieces and you can complete your masterpiece by handstitching them
together. We're planning thirteen birds for our on point quilt, but you
can take however many you have finished by end of the year, and make
a fabulous, finished project. 5," 6," 7," and 8" sizes included with
Bird Only
If you just love birds as we
do, you may buy the design
only, no quilting, with a color
chart. Use it for your own
project inspiration. Design
provided for 5x7, 6x10, and
7x12 hoops.
This is the same design, but with a satin stitch border
added around the edges, so all you'll need to do is to zig
zag stitch them together. It is also quilted in the hoop.
Make a freestanding piece, or applique
this design to any other fabric or item.
Sew easy to do, in just an hour or so each
month. 5," 6," 7," and 8" sizes included
with instructions.
All color charts now feature Superior Threads
Magnifico colors... you can stitch the goldfinches
exactly as shown, or pick your own colors as
always! A set of six colors appearing in the
design are currently being offered for 10% off...
just click the Superior logo to the right. You can
also buy the other colors in each design, if
needed, individually.
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