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Apples are falling from the sky!
Make a beautiful fall table runner with apple
designs... the 4x4 variety are $1.50 each....
or be tempted by our Zen Apple upgrades! At
the end of four weeks, you'll have four shiny
apples ready to become a beautiful fall table
runner with our free finishing instructions,
below left.
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Pie Apple
Red Devil Apple
4x4 Series...
5x7 Zen Series
W   E   E   K       O   N   E
Click Below for
Finishing Instructions!
W   E   E   K      T   W   O
W   E   E   K      T   H   R   E   E
W   E   E   K      F   O   U   R
Now Pick YOUR Apples!
Pink Lady
Apple Cobbler
Golden Delicious
Apple of my Eye
Granny Smith