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We are committed to: Highest Quality, Original Designs, Excellent Prices & Great Customer Service.
For the next few weeks through January, we're cross stitching our way
through favorite carols!

Every Friday, download a free 3x3 charm size design (scroll down)-- or
upgrade to the fully illustrated 4x4 Christmas Carol. Mark your calendars!
The free design will only be free on Friday-- after that, the price is 99 cents.
Upgraded designs will be $1.99 for the first week-- $2.99 thereafter.

At the end of twelve weeks, we'll assemble all the blocks into a glorious
single piece-- ready to be the new decade's first heirloom Christmas project!
Large 4x4 Designs...
"Jingle All The Way" $2.99
"Christmas Eve" $0.99
Week One 4x4
Week Two 4x4
"Winter Wonderland" $2.99
Week Three 4x4
"Have a Cup of Cheer"$2.99
Week Four 4x4
"Blue Spruce"
"O Tannenbaum" $2.99
Week 4
Are you
Week Five 4x4
"Tall Ship"
"I Saw Three Ships" $2.99
Week 5
Silent Night" $2.99
Week Six 4x4
Charm 2-3/4" x 2-3/4" Designs...
Week 6
"Holy City"
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week Seven 4x4
"My True Love"$2.99
Week 7
Week Eight 4x4
"Home for the Holidays" $2.99
Week 8
"Home Charm"
Week 9
"Blue Jay"
Week Nine 4x4
"Heaven & Nature Sing" $2.99
"Drummer Boy"
Week 10
Week Ten 4x4
"Pa-rum-pum-pum-pum" $2.99
"Ding Dong!" Intro $1.99
Week Eleven 4x4
Week 11
"Drummer Boy"
"Christmas Bells"