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My Li'l Christmas Charm Album Wrap Up...
Block One-- Rocking Horse Charm
Block Two-- City Sidewalks
Block Three-- Tannenbaum
Block Four-- Sleigh Bells Ring
Block Seven-- Dove
Block Eight-- Corps de Ballet
Block Nine-- Candy Canes
Block Ten-- NOEL
Block Eleven-- Baubles
Block Twelve-- Partridge
Layout Charm
(click here)
Block Five-- The Tiny Reindeer
Block Six-- A Christmas Carol
To complete the
quilt, shown, you'll
need all twelve
charm size blocks
below, the sashing
kit, and the tartan
border kit--
or just stitch the
blocks and use our
free finishing
layout, left, to
quickly finish your
Twelve beautiful 2x2 charm size embroideries of the favorite things of
Christmas await your touch. All are lavishly illustrated with beautiful
details. Stitch them singly for gifts, or fully finish with our fully
embroidered sashing kit and/or Tartan Bows Border kit... an heirloom
creation! Finished quilt is a petite beauty at approx. 17" x 20."
Click button to
order Sashing Kit  
shown at left.
Set includes sashing  designs for a 5x7 hoop, plus complete instructions to
assemble the quilt with your finished Christmas Album Charm blocks sold below.
Use these designs to
machine embroider 2-1/2”
wide tartan borders to
accent any quilt. Then add
bows, or use the bows
separately, for any project
of your own inspiration.
Set includes one tartan
design and two bows for
the 5 x 7 hoop, plus
thorough instructions to
make the borders for your
L'il Christmas Album
quilt, or any other project.
Click button to
order the charm
size Tartan Bows
Border Kit shown
at left.
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