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It's a perfect, picket fence finish! Stitch your veggies below, then
download your free layout instructions at the right. Finally,
purchase the picket fence border kit below, for either the charm
size (petit jardin) or big applique veggies (GRANDE jardin).
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resold in any manner.
Week One: Early Lettuce 4 x 4 size...
Week Two: Rainbow Carrots 5 x 7 size...
2"x 2"
Carrot Charm
3"x 4-1/2"
Week Three: Butter Beans 4 x 4 size...
Week Four: Big Boy Tomato 4 x 4 size...
Butter Beans
2"x 2"
This week features our tiny Garden friends...
both charm and large sizes
included in this download.
Tomato Charm
2" x 2"
Week Five: Bug Collection 5x7
Make a luscious watermelon this week...
then gather your veggies for next week's finale!
Week Six: Watermelon 5x7
Le Petit Jardin
Instructions Here
Le Grande
Jardin Layout
Instructions Here
4-1/2" x 1-1/2"
Click to order Le Petit Jardin
Charm Size Picket Border for
5x7 hoops...
Set includes the arbor
embroidery design shown
for 5x7 hoops, plus
complete, illustrated
instructions to make  our
20" x 31" project above, or
adapt the border to any
size project. This set fits
the charm size veggies
Click to order Le GRANDE
Jardin Picket Border for 6x10
Our GRANDE Jardin is SO big at 36" x 48"
making it a great throw or baby quilt... you'll
need a 6x10 hoop to stitch the arbor! If you
don't have one, don't fret-- the instructions for
just the fence are FREE, at the right. It's our
way of thanking you for upgrading to this
pay-for set in the beginning.
If you do have a big hoop, the arbor is only
$1.49 and your download will include the fence
instructions as well. Thank you so much for
stitching along with us this summer, and come
back in the fall for our next free sew-a-long!!
Buy your veggies below!