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Together you gave $538 for Quilt Bank!
sponsored by Cape Cod Cares
for the Troops. As we all know,
these veterans received no
fanfare upon their return; many
were met with anger and
derision. What better way to say
“thank you” than to provide a
quilt to these special, sometimes
forgotten, veterans, giving them
a hug every time they wrap
themselves in the cloth.

These are just a few of the
charitable activities that the
Quilt Bank participates in each
year. However, it would not be
possible were it not for the
countless volunteer hours, many
spent at the Community Center
in Harwich and the generous
donations of fabric and supplies.
We have been the recipient of
many former sewers and quilters
who have had to give up the craft
for any number of reasons. The
Quilt Bank seeks to serve as the
“recycler extraordinaire” of the
quilting world. Fabric, kits and
supplies are distributed to the
Bayberry membership and, in
return, we receive some
wonderful quilt tops and even
some completed quilts!

So, the Quilt Bank is in the
business of hugs and we work all
year to ensure that many people
in need receive what they
deserve – a hello, a get well, a
reassurance, a thank you,   and,
of course, a hug– as they wrap
themselves in our quilts.
“ It’s the most wonderful time of
the year” These song lyrics hold
true for members of the Quilt
Bank, an outreach of Bayberry
Quilters of Cape Cod. The
“elves” are especially busy right
now creating, completing and
collecting quilts to be sent to
Fort Belvoir Hospital in
Virginia. Every year, an
organization entitled Cape Cod
Cares for the Troops adopts
families at the hospital,
providing gifts and joy for our
returning veterans; and, every
year, the Quilt Bank provides
quilts for each adopted veteran
and his/her children. This year
the numbers reached 53 veterans
and 78 children!

In addition, the Quilt Bank is
busy with other local and not-so-
local donations. On our special
list this year is a school in
Vermont, Community House in
Brattleboro, where children go
to wait for the right placement.
Just as there is place for broken
toys in every toy workshop, so
too is there a place for these
“special children”. The school
provides a temporary placement
for children in crisis, offering a
stabilizing environment where
assessment can take place while
waiting for a new permanent
placement (foster-care, adoption,
return to the family). A nice big
quilt, suitable to wrap up in, will
hopefully provide a special hug
for these children.

We are going to fully match that amount--
an unbelievable $1076 raised this year.

Now that's a lot of batting!!

Carol and the SFO team
Children of all ages deserve to
feel safe and warm; everyone
needs a hug to feel special. To
this end, quilts are being
provided to a local elementary
school in Hyannis, a school
where children arrive to fill their
bellies as well as their minds.
Children from impoverished city
locations always appreciate a
warm hug and the quilts are
being provided to do just that.
This is the second elementary
school in the city where children
will get to feel the warmth and,
will hopefully, smile a little

On the other end of the spectrum,
some Quilt Bank members have
been working on a special gift to
a local nursing home in
Chatham. As life ebbs from
patients at any
nursing/convalescent facility,
roommates, friends, and those
who are employed there watch
the final ride of that special
someone. In an effort to soften
the pain of this inevitable
experience, a “sacred cloth” of
jewel-toned velvets is being
given to the home to provide a
little dignity and a final hug for
the patient.

Once this busy time is over, the
Quilt Bank will begin anew to
create, complete and collect
quilts of patriotic colors to be
given to those Vietnam veterans
who participate in the yearly
Memorial Day activities
Quilt Bank-- In the Business of Hugs
--Lu Obarowski