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Block Thirteen: Cyclamen
Cyclamen flowers float like a cloud over a tiny candy cane colored
basket in this, our last, “Language of Flowers” block! It's a proud
moment for us, and one that certainly took "Endurance!" Thanks for
joining us. Available in three different variations as described below,
with complete photo instructions and a color chart.
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For the flower lover with your own project idea! Provided in three different
sizes to fit 5"x7" hoops and up. Machine embroidery only, no quilting,
provided with a color chart.
Endurance Mug Rug
Make a stunning in-the-hoop quilted mini placemat, or stitch a simple
all-in-the-hoop mug rug in 5"x7" or 6"x8". Save your monthly mug rugs to
stitch together at year's end--simply zigzag stitch them together into an
eye-popping heirloom.
Click to order "Endurance Mug Rug" for $6.99
Click to order "Cyclamen" for $3.99
Flower Basket Block Thirteen
Reminiscent of the amazing Baltimore Album quilts of old, our machine
embroidered versions can be made all-in-the-hoop with satin stitched
edging, or stitched together "quilt-as-you-go" style into a lovely quilt.
Stitch all thirteen this year, or just make a gorgeous table runner
out of your favorites.
Blocks sizes included are 5," 6," 7," and 8" to fit many hoop sizes.
Click to order "Flower Basket Thirteen" for $6.99