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Our last free design has posted and the
finishing kit is underway
... catch up your
collection today-- weeks 1,2, and 3 are
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Week One: Who Ate My Tulips?
A new free stitch-a-long!
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you won't miss any-- they will only be free until the next one
posts, at which point previous designs will be sold for $1.49.
You'll have a beautiful spring table topper or wall hanging at
the end of the series... similar to our Autumn Twist stitch-a-long
last year. Join us to welcome Spring!
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View the sister
set, "Autumn
Twist"  here...
and, yes,
"Summer Twist"
ans "Winter
Week Two: Chicks in the Garden
Week Three: Nest in the Roses
Week 4: Butterfly on the Marigolds
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