...but now it' s also break time! Pour yourself a cup and pull up a sewing
themed coaster... as handy to have in your sewing room as a seam ripper.
Basket design included for coaster storage says “Sewn with love” inside,
button sides, and a tape measure handle.
SO easy to stitch as gifts for like-minded friends or for your own sewing room
accents. All-in-the-hoop quilting and edging for the fastest results ever. For
4” x 4” hoops.
Set includes six coasters plus three basket
files. Designs may also be used as
applique for your own project inspiration.
Complete instructions with photos
included, plus project ideas.. or expand
your set with mug rug versions and border
widget coming soon.
It's Stitchin' Time, Again...
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Border Set