If you enjoyed our Valentine's Day Bon Bon Bash, this design will
tickle your sweet tooth as well. All Santa's favorite treats are on this
fabulous dish, and this time, we can guarantee they will all still be
there in the morning! Finished size is an impressive 10" x 10," but a
5" x 7" hoop is all you need!
A  r  t     Q  u  a  l  i  t  y      D  e  s  i  g  n  s     f  o  r     t  h  e     S  e  r  i  o  u  s     H  o  m  e     M  a  c  h  i  n  e     E  m  b  r  o  i  d  e  r  e  r
Treats for Santa Candle Ring...
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Matching Coaster Set
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