The "Quiltabet" is 26 adorable motifs each formatted with letters and a border--and
endless possibilities for fun projects. Stitch out a single initial in 10 minutes or less
and frame for a kid's room. Stitch out all 26 blocks, add 4  corner blocks and you will
have a 5x6 block mini-quilt. Or for a more challenging project, stitch out six blocks at
random and sew together as a cube, then stuff for a delightful set of soft alphabet
blocks. Or try an alphabet book! Best of all, delete the last color of each design, (the
letters and border), and you are left with 26 catchy emblems for a multitude of uses.
Designs include Acorn, Bird, Cup, Dolphin, Elephant, Flower, Grapes, Hat, Ice
Cream, Jet, Kite, Light Bulb, Moon, Nest, Orange, Peapod, Quilt, Rabbit, Scissors,
Train, Umbrella, Violin, Watermelon, Xylophone, Yarn and Zipper. Block size is 3" x 3".
A  r  t     Q  u  a  l  i  t  y      D  e  s  i  g  n  s     f  o  r     t  h  e     S  e  r  i  o  u  s     H  o  m  e     M  a  c  h  i  n  e     E  m  b  r  o  i  d  e  r  e  r
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